Story Telling Tips

Stories must be true, from your own life, told without notes,  and approximately 8 to 10 minutes in length.  

Practice helps.  But don’t memorize your story or else it will sound like you are reciting it instead of remembering it.  Just tell it in your own words at your own pace as though telling a friend who asked “what happened when…..”.  Take a breath, feel the supportive energy coming your way from the audience, relax, begin.

Please avoid using this venue as a platform for political statements, religious propagandizing, rants, raves, or prepared comedy routines. Also, please refrain from unloading emotionally on the audience.  Stories that are powerfully emotional which are appropriate are for the benefit of the audience, not the teller, and this will help you tell the difference.

Under the “Monthly Prompts” tab you will find the story prompt for the current month’s event.